Install a Hunter Digital Thermostat in Your RV

                                  Out with the bad ...                                    ... and in with the good

An analog RV thermostat can be replaced with a Digital Hunter thermostat part number 42999(B) or 42995 to provide tighter temperature control in both heating and cooling modes.  The hysterisis program for the Hunter thermostat is +/-1 degree of set temperature, and also provides a digital readout of ambient temperature.   The Hunter unit can be purchased from Wal*Mart for about $20. 

I have also tested the programable Lux TX500 in my RV with the same positive results.  The Lux TX500 is available in many hardware stores.

Download the installation instructions from the link below for complete details.  Credit for the original concept and details of the Coleman modification is given to Alan Paskey.  Les Adams further developed this concept to work with the Dometic A/C and Atwood furnace.

Hunter Thermostat Web Site

Hunter Owner's Manual

Lux TX500 Specifications

Lux TX500 Owner's Manual

RV Installation Instructions With Wiring Diagrams (PDF)

Coleman Mach Installation Instructions (204KB PDF)

Picture of Completed Installation

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