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I really like your weight calculator! It seems to cover all the bases.. with the possible exception of one factor...
Regards, Tom

I would like to compliment you on the website.  My wife and I plan to order a new Dodge and it happens to be spec'd out like yours, right down to the color...
Thanks for your time and info.

I have a bookmark to your Arctic-Fox site. I don't exactly remember how I found your site, it was probably from a post on rv.net forums.  Next week our new and first camper should come in. It's a cougar 314EFS 5er. I've been reading a lot of posts and websites learning about the electric systems...
Thanks for making your site available, it is very informative.
Thanks for your time,

Hi Ken,
You have a very informative web site.  I have a Dodge 2004.5 DRW. You show the service bulletin #18-037-04. My motor serial number is between the numbers listed on the bulletin. I'm wondering if you had the reprogramming of the Cummins ECM done on your pickup. If so, did this give you better fuel mileage?  Do you know anybody who had this done and got worse fuel mileage? I'm wondering if there are any bad side effects from this change.
I appreciate your help.

Hi, Thanks for the very nice web-site and info.  I'm looking to drop the rear end on my 2005 Ram diesel.  Have you have any additional vibrations or problems after doing this?.
Thanks very much.

Ken thanks for all the work you do to help others on the dodge diesel site & the RV site. I found your instructions on the BrakeSmart install easier to understand then the inst. they send. What’s the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. LOL   Friday the better half & I are going over to the Oregon coast to give it a test run. 
Thanks Glenn

Found your info on the Diesel sight. You have done an excellent job on the site and information that  you give about yourself and the family.  I noticed you have the 6 speed.  I am looking at a new 2005 35oo Laramie Cummins 8 ft box and I am torn between the manual 6 or 46re. I am guessing you must like the 6 speed and feel it is superior over the auto.  If you care to respond on your take I would appreciate it very much
Boyce - Edmonton Alberta Canada

I came across your web page in the TDR.  You seem to have a good knowledge of the Dodge Cummins trucks, so I am hoping you can help me with a question.  Why aren’t Dodge Cummins trucks (2500 & 3500) available in Mexico? ...

Hello.......Just a note to thank-you for your website and the information on the Arctic Fox...  Any way thanks once again for sharing your insights.  I will be using your web site to further educate my self.

Greetings Sir,
sorry to bother you but somehow or another I found your website. I'm located on Long Island NY and unfortunately my local Dodge dealers are not very helpful. Im the proud 2nd owner of a 2002 dodge 3500 with the Cummins power plant. AND I LOVE IT!   Found it on EBay- flew to Texas and drove it home - Anyway... I'm having a heck of a time getting a straight answer from anyone regarding power tow mirrors. I currently have manual tow mirrors. As I said earlier I have a 2002.
I'm sorry to bother you bit your help is greatly appreciated
Sincerely yours

First, a word of thanks for posting pics of your installation. My RV shop used them to install their first BrakeSmart on my new A/F 29-5E. Second, does the BrakeSmart have a manual override, allowing the driver to manually apply brakes in order to halt a coach swerve? If so, how is it activated?
Thanks - Rich

You've just about convinced me to get a 27.5L of my very own.  :o)  When did they start using a Wardrobe slide in the bedroom?  Kinda like that.  I'm currently hauling a Mallard 265H fiver with a 2000 F250 V10 4WD.
Thanks for the inspiration.  Now all I have to do is find a good cheap used one.  Wahoo.

I read your article on the 16K SuperGlide.  Was wondering if you installed it yourself or had a dealership drill the holes??  If done by yourself, was wondering how it went?  I've just picked up a new truck, and it makes me a bit nervous to think of intentionally putting holes in the bed.
Thanx in advance,

Just wanted to thank you for the info on lowering your Dodge 3500. I lowered my 3500 QC, DRW CTD using the procedures you showed, and it was an unbelievable help having the photos and info you and Matt 400 and others had given. I posted a public “thank you” on the RV Net Tow Vehicles forum, but just wanted to thank you personally. I would have hesitated to just wade in without the guidance I got here and at TDR. Thanks again. Al

I first learned of you thru Brake Smart posting on IRV2. Great pix of  the install.  Ordered one last night.  Spent two hours looking at different sites reading all the cool stuff you have put together.  We are running  T 105's , the same battery monitor and  had the dealer switch out the factory converter which at pdi was toasted anyways for  an Iota 45 amp converter/smart charger. We have a Honda 2000 EUI. Love all the help you provide with your links.  A big thank you from me and the " silly your hooked" grin from my wife.  What I should have been doing was reflecting on the day?  My favorite saying " Being a Christian  is the most fun you can have with your clothes on."
God bless

Came across your info on lowering the rear by removing the two spacers. I am considering doing this to my 2005 3500  srw and was wondering if you have done this on your latest truck and how it worked out in the longer run? Any problems or additional info I might need?  I don’t have anything to tow right now as I have my desert fox toy hauler for sale along with some atv’s I plan to purchase a regular lighter trailer in the future but this will have a much smaller toungue weight eg., , 1000#’s.  I really appreciate the great info you have posted great stuff! Thanks, I just wanted to do a double check before I do this lowering project.
Thanks again,

Dear Ken,
I downloaded your simple (and excellent I might add!) gear-speed calculator spreadsheet.  Thanks for posting it!  I am not well versed in building spreadsheets etc.  After I saw on your website that you have as one of your "dislikes", Microsoft,  I just had to let you know that no Microshaft product was used when I opened gear-speed calculator.xls.   I used Open Office , on SuSE Linux 9.1 !  It worked great!  http://www.openoffice.org It also works on  the MAC and that MS Windows thing!
Nice job!  Hope you like Tucson,   I love it when I can get down there...  Next time you fly out of TUC on an Alaska Airlines MD-80 come up front and say hi!
Rick - Buckley, WA

Hi Ken,
It's been awhile since we spoke on the telephone.  I'm Bill from Gig Harbor, WA.  Today we are traveling to Colorado Springs to inspect a 2004 Dodge 3500 to purchase.  Using you and the TDR as my guide, I'm buying the 305/555, 6-speed NV5600, limited slip rear end.  We wanted 4WD and the capacity of 3500 but not dually so this rig is SRW.  And it's Red.  I noticed on your web site that you lowered the rear end of your truck.  Now that you've had some time to play with that, how is it working when towing?  And did you raise the 5th wheel hitch in the bed of the truck to keep the trailer all level?   I'm thinking seriously about doing this to gain more bed clearance. Thanks so much for putting up and maintaining your web site - it's great!

Just a quick note to tell you that you have a great site to use as information resource.  Thanks for all the effort!
Tim - Acton, CA

I noticed in your web page that your Arctic Fox has 16" wheels. I  believe they come from factory with 15". Did you change the axles or just the hubs or did the factory do it. I'd also assume you did it for clearance on your Dodge?  By the way nice web site, with lots of good info.
Dave & Linda

Thanks for all the great pics and info, lowered mine this morning. I, too, had trouble with the round head spring bolts turning. It was tough because I was working by myself with hand tools, no rattle wrench or anything. I did have plenty of blocks and jackstands, so here's what worked: I took a standard pipe wrench and placed it on the bolt with the head snug in the jaws. I had my jack and some blocks ready so that I could just back off on the jack and the pipe wrench head was pinched and held for me by a wood block from underneath the wrench. The top of the axle is pushing the wood block and the wrench up and it is held in place. It worked for me way better than vicegrips or anything else. Maybe this will help someone else out too! Thanks! Tom

I was very impressed by your generator installation in your Artic Fox.    Looks like a great install; simple, very functional and easy to repair.  I do have a question or twoWe have just purchased an 2003 34 5B.  It is brand new unit left over at a dealer who no longer carries the Artic Fox product.  He has had the unit on his lot for almost 2 years and was willing to sell it for less than low NADA retail for a used unit.  It is not generator ready but we plan to install a generator as soon as I make up my mind what kind and type. 
Thanks for the help.  Great Web Page(s).
 Bob and Becky
2003 Artic Fox 34 5b 5er
2000 Ford F350 diesel dually
Salisbury, Maryland

Hello, I found your website from the RV.net Open Roads Forum and it was very informative. However I do have some questions about your towing weight calculator program...   Please let me know if these figures seem accurate to you. If you think that I have underestimated something please let me know. I am new to trailer towing and don't want to start off on the wrong foot.

And thank you so much for publishing the Honda EU3000 vs. Onan noise information!  I can not tell you how useful this is to me right now! I bought a Honda EU3000 a couple months ago, and now I am second guessing my decision and considering switching to an Onan.  The EU3000 required a lot of custom work in order to make it fit inside of a vehicle generator box (custom exhaust and cooling work).  So now I am trying to decide if I should cut my losses and switch to the Onan 4kW MicroQuiet..  Anyway....that is more than you need to know....but I just wanted to thank   you *SO MUCH* for posting your wonderful info!!!!!!!!!1
Wavetech Services, LLC

I was perusing your website today and have a question about the thermostat.  I too have an analog thermostat and would like a digital one.  I have a 2004 Springdale 5er.  Do I understand you right that the Hunter 42999 or 42995 digital thermostats will work in place of my thermostat and that they wire right up with no modification?  Thanks.

Hey Ken – I was hoping to compare results on solar panels…  Mine always seem to produce far less current than I predict.  I have 230 watts of solar on my RV.  Living at my latitude (Sacramento = 38 degrees) , I figure that at 9AM this time of year I should be generating 12 amps – but instead I am generating 4.5 amps.  Have you ever monitored yours to see what kind of current you are getting from it at various time of day/year?  

Class-A job.
Best Regards!
Deltec Co.

Dear Klengers,
Thanks for a great site!  I've bookmarked it and will probably be assembling a rig very similar to yours between now and October when we can finally take a break.  We love to travel west and especially like the Rocky Mountain west.  I graduated from Univ. of Wyoming as did one son.  The other graduated from University of New Mexico but now is taking his masters in GIS at U Wyo.  The other son got his masters from UNM.  Gives us lots of reasons to be out that way.  Carolyn and I share your faith in Jesus and RV'ing allows us to share our faith as we go along.

Wow! I just went onto your website, now i have to stop and get my bearings, cause seeing the pictures of who you are really brought some tears to my eyes and the Mothers' Day page finished me off.  Janet, i remember you with light colored hair, i think, i will need to get out the old cache yearbook and look and see. Anyway, just wanted you to know ,i am greatly blessed in your website and will look at all the rest like savoring the last of a favorite candy bar. Remember seven up candy bars, Great!!
love, Joyce in Oregon

Ken, Found your site referenced on the Escapees website.  Thanks for all the information and a well-designed website. ... 
Thanks for your response.

Hi!  I saw your post on the Open Roads Tech forum, and I'm looking  for a set up similar to what you describe with your 15" Sharp LCD TV  running off 12 vdc.  My wife and I have a 26 foot class C motor home,  and I'd like to replace our 9" 12 volt CRT TV with an LCD TV that I  can also power using the 12 volt battery system in the motor home.  Do you mind telling me what the model # of the Sharp is, and what  kind of 12 volt cord you are using? I'm assuming it's something that  plugs into a cigarette lighter type of 12 volt outlet.  Thanks in advance for any info that you can give us.
Saratoga CA

Good Morning, We have a 27-5L and were wanting to install 2 T105 Trojan 6v Batteries. When I went out last night and measured it seems the bottom Battery will fix OK, but the top doesn't seem to have the Height for it to go in...What did you do...Love your Website, I gets lots of interesting info off it...We live in Buckeye...
Thanks, Randy Milka

Hello;   Enjoying your website.  My wife and I purchased an 89 Allegro 33' motorhome in January, and hopefully some day will get on the road.  We are both in our early 70's and enjoy life to the fullest.  Have been RV'ing for several years, from tents to popups, to pickup campers, to 5th wheels, and now a Class A.   Jody (my wife) is on supplemental oxygen, which has put a slight kink into our plans.  But slowly we are working them out.  Have a 21 liter liquid oxygen tank permanently on loan in the MH to refill her Helios with.  While using a concentrator at night.   We have a home on Bull Shoals Lake, in North Central Arkansas, and enjoy it here.  Have been retired here for about 16 years now.    Have fun, and hopefully we'll see you on the road, sometime in the future. 
Jay & Jody

I think I found the reason for the blue wire in the Hunter Thermostats.  Your info paper was spot-on for installation. Thank you for the research and work.  When I was doing my install, I did not just pull up the small wire bundle
for the Coleman thermostat. I continued to pull, and lo and behold a larger bundle came out as well. The small wires were attached to the larger trailer wires with crimp-on connectors. The blue thermostat wire went to 12V ground, and was ALSO crimped to the relay ground wires for the air conditioning. So, even though we do not connect the blue wire to the Hunter Thermostat (as it does not need a ground) the wire bundle already has a cnnection from 12V ground to the air conditioner relays. There would have to be a ground path!  As soon as the larger bundle of wires came out, and I saw the three way splice to 12V ground, I knew how it was set up.  You might consider updating your white paper on the subject, but it IS correct. It just leaves the "blue wire" thing in some doubt.
CDR, USN (Ret.)

Saturday Hi Janet;
I just took your slide show tour through your home and neighborhood and all i could think is heat and isolation. Am i far from the truth? No lawn! No Snow! My how do you ever adapt to the heat??  I have never been successful in dealing with it in Oregon ,much less Arizona.
Lord Bless   love in Christ, Joyce

I saw your post on an RV forum and wondered if you could tell me about  the DirecTV set up. I was planning on just getting a receiver for the house then taking it with me in the trailer over the winter. Do you know  if I can do this. I've checked the DirecTV website, but  still am not sure.

Mr. Klenger, While doing an internet search for battery monitors, I ran across your web page.  You have done an outstanding job!  I don't believe that I've ever seen a personal web page that is done as nicely as yours.  The reason that I'm writing is because you seem to be familiar with electrical setups for an RV and in particular with the Trimetric TM-2020.  ... If you can help me with this in any way, please let me know.
Thanks for your time.

Dodge 7-pin Wiring Diagram - Thanks for posting the diagram. I left my meter at work and your diagram saved me the work anyway.
Thank you, Mike

I read your June 11 post on RV.Net re: your Sharp15" lcd tv which you sometimes run on 12v.  I want the same, but no salesmen know anything other than what the dispaly signs show & none show 12v capability.
What model Sharp do you have & how much was it?  Where did you get the 12v power cable?  For how much?  How do you like the picture?  Does it draw down the battery quickly or slowly?

Just spent about 40 minutes looking around your web site - got there from RVnet after I found the 5th wheel short box - slider  drawings.  Enjoyed my time on your web site.  Makes me want to invent the time to re-establish my site.  But grand kids and camping and work take up most of  my days. Thanks for the shoveling snow story, I had read that some years ago, good humor.  Write if you wish -  Happy Trails!
Kennewick Washington

Hi stumbled across your website by accident while researching some info on RV's.  Have to say i have enjoyed it so much i have been unable to get any work done this morning. My name is Phil i live in Portsmouth GB. I am eight hours forward of you guys, so by the time you get this I  will probably be leaving my office, so i wish you guys a good day as i come to the end of mine.
Thanks again

Thank you for this calculator.  After 6 months of trying and reading how to figure what truck I need I think this has helped.  But I don't know if it has.  Has it?  Is this combination do-able?
Thanks, Jerry

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