NV-5600 Transmission Fluid Change
The specification for the transmission fluid recommended by Dodge for the NV-5600 6-speed manual transmission is Chrysler Part No. 4874464 (Specification MS-9224).  The price for this fluid from the dealer is ..., well more than you want to pay.  

Until recently, the fluid was made by Texaco, and was only sold in bulk quantities with the Texaco label on it.  After reading some posts on the TDR on this subject and doing some research, I found that I was able to order the fluid from Pennzoil in 12-quart case quantities for less than $50/case plus tax.  The Pennzoil part number for the fliid is 3501.  I ordered a case from the Pennzoil Distribution Center in Tucson and received it in four days and did not pay any shipping as I picked it up at the distribution center.  

If you are having trouble locating a source for the fluid, you can call Pennzoil at 800-468-6457 and ask for the phone number of the distribution center in your area, and they should be able to get it for you.  

Some AutoZone stores also stock the Pennzoil Synchromesh fluid, but availability is limited.

Note that this fluid meets the Dodge specification for the NV-5600, and is not a lubricant from some other application that you are experimenting with.  Good luck and happy shifting.

Synchromesh Specification sheet

Driver's Side View of NV-5600

14mm hex head - Torque drain bolt (2) to 30 ft-lbs

Driver's Side View of NV-5600

Fill hole (Shown with "X") - 17mm hex head - Torque spec is 22 ft-lb
Capacity is 9.5 pints (4.75 qts)

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