Onan Microquiet 3600  LP Generator

Installation of the Microquiet Generator in the Front Compartment of the Camper

The Onan Microquiet 3600 LP generator was selected for installation in my camper because:
- It provides 30 Amps of 115 vac power (at sea level) which matches the camper's 30 Amp system.
- It will run the air conditioning, microwave, and other appliances in the camper.
- It is one of the quietest permanent mount generators in it's class. Visit my generator noise webpage.
- It fit (very tight) in the generator compartment of my camper.
- It incorporates microcomputer diagnostics for troubleshooting.
- I like the green color.

Generator Compartment Soundproofing Installation Pictures
Generator 115 vac Connection to the Camper
Click Imate for High-Res Picture
The female 30 amp connector mounted in the electrical box shown below (mounted in the compartment to the right of the generator in the above picture) is connected to the 115 vac output of the generator.  The 30 amp male plug is connected to similar box in the back end of the camper, which is connected to the camper electrical system.
High-res image of generator wiring Printable PDF of generator wiring
Either forward or rear plugs can be disconnected, allowing at 30 amp extension cord to connect the camper electrical system to campground power.  When both connections are made as shown in these pictures, camper power is supplied from the generator.

This wiring scheme is simple, flexable, requires no relays or switches, and eliminates the possibility of 115 vac generator power being back-fed into the utility grid.  It also prevents 115 vac grid power from being back-fed into the generator.

I have also fabricated a 25 foot 12 gauge extension cord, with a 30 amp female connecter for the RV and a 15 amp household plug on the other, for connecting to 15/20 amp household power outlets.

Generator power at female outlet in electrical box
Power to RV via the male pigtail to rear of camper

Generator Starting Battery
The Onan 3600LP generator requires about 150 amps starting current.  Because the main RV 6 volt deep cycle batteries do not perform well as starting batteries, the 12 vdc RV power would drop more than I prefered when starting the generator.  This caused some 12 vdc appliances (i.e. stereo, DVD, DirecTV Rec.) to shut down during a generator start.  To rectify this problem, I installed a small Sears automotive starting battery in the landing gear compartment next to the generator.  This battery is dedicated to generator starting and cost about $40.  It is chraged from the 2 amp AUX output from the solar charge controller.  This simple low cost solution has worked well. 
See my RV Solar page for a block diagram.

Twin 40 Pound LP Tank Installation
LP was selected because:
- The camper has two 40 lb LP tanks, eliminating the need to carry gasoline (diesel truck).
- LP does not cause deposits in the engine when it is stored for long periods of time.
- LP burns cleaner that gasoline.
Fuel Consumption / Run Time:
40 lb
0 %
27 hrs
50 %
17 hrs
100 %
13 hrs
Note: LP = 4.2 lbs / gal

Completed Installation Showing LP Tanks and Generator Compartment

Details from the Onan Website

Onan Miroquiet Manuals (PDF)
Generator Installation (2,272 kb)
Exhaust Kit Installation (305 kb)
Remote Control Installation (628 kb)
Owner's Manual (2,686 kb)
Additional Reading (4,533 kb)
Microquiet Specifications (729 kb)
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