Stereo and Entertainment System

As installed in our RV, this entertainment system allows us to listen to the following audio sources through the overhead and/or outdoor speaker system: AM/FM Radio with CD/MP3 player (12 VDC), Sirius satellite radio (12 VDC), DSS satellite receiver (115 VAC), DVD videos (115 VAC), and off-the-air TV broadcasts from the LCD TV (12 VDC or 115 VAC).  The 115 VAC equipment can be powered from an inverter when external or generator power is not available.  From top to bottom of the above picture are:

  • Radio Shack audio/video switch 
  • Sony CDX-F5710 AM/FM/CD/MP3 Receiver,
  • Sony DSS SAT-A55 Satallite Receiver
  • Coby DVD-224 Progressive Scan DVD
  • Audiovox SIR-PNP2 Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Sharp LC-15S1U 15" LCD TV

The Sony SAT-A55 DSS Satellite Receiver is connected to the LCD TV for video display.  In addition to TV programming, we enjoy listening to the XM music channels.  The aux audio input of the stereo can be switched between the Sirius satellite radio, the DSS satellite receiver, the TV audio output, or RCA jacks (behind TV on top picture) for an external audio device (iPod). 

Coby DVD-224 Progressinve Scan DVD Player

Audiovox SIR-PNP2 Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Large LCD Display with Multiple Display Options
  • Easy to use Scroll/Tune Feature Allows Quick Access to the 100+ Streams
  • 30 Presets with Preset Tuning
  • Unique Memory Capture Function Stores 20 Of Your Favorite Songs and Can Search All Incoming Streams
  • Listing and Search Ahead Capabilities By Stream or Artist Nane or Song Title
  • Time Based Functions Including an On Screen Clock, Alarm, Sleep Timer, and Program Alert
  • Wireless Remote Control 
  • Mounts using a mobile docking station and operates from 12 VDC at less than 1 amp.
  • Antenna is mounted under the refrigerator vent cap on my installation

Easy to install and, because it has our “Digital Magic” elevation sensor, simple to operate. After you park, the LCD readout inside your vehicle shows the exact elevation of the dish to within 1°, even if not parked level. Raise, rotate and lower the dish with the hand crank inside.

The LNBF is attached to a folding feed support; the mount/dish unit has an operating radius of only 35 inches, so compact it will fit on almost any recreational vehicle. Interior control parts are sturdy molded plastic. The system is 30 inches high when raised, 8 inches high in travel position, weighs just 12 pounds! Includes 20' of coax cable. 

Winegard Crank-Up Satellite Dish
Ladder and Trpod Antenna Mount Options