Ladder and Tripod Antenna Mount Options

Satellite antenna mounted on roof ladder  (Click for Close-Up View)

Antenna mast is 1 1/4" electrical conduit.  It was mounted to the ladder using conduit mounting clamps.  3/4" clamps are used on the ladder (wrapped with several layers of electrical tape to prevent scratching), and 1 1/4" clamps are used on the mast.  The 3/4" and 1 1/4" clamps are bolted to each other using 1/4" bolts.  Cost of the mast and hardware from Home Depot was about $10.  Coax is routed from entertainment center to back of camper through over-head cabinets, and exits the roof through the plumbing vent cap to the right of the mast. 

Note: While this antenna mounting system worked well, and was very inexpensive, it was difficult at times to mount and aim the antenna while holding on the the ladder with one hand.  I was also concerned about the possibility of falling from the ladder while setting up the antenna.  When the Winegard crank-up satellite antenna (shown above) went on sale at Camping World, I installed it in place of the ladder method shown here.  The ladder mount would probably work fine for an RV that is stationary most of the time.

The Satellite Antenna can also be mounted on a portable tripod and located 
with a clear view to the south if the roof mount is obstructed by trees.

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