Dodge 3rd Gen Fastener Torque Settings

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Fastener Location Fastener Size Torque Comments
Lug Nut, Steel Wheels (WGS, WD2) 15/16" 155 ft-lbs 140-170 ft-lbs
Lug Nut, Cast Aluminum Wheels (WD3) 15/16" 135 ft-lbs 120-150 ft-lbs
Lug Nut, Dual Steel Wheels (WD4)   145 ft-lbs 130-160 ft-lbs
Differental Cover Bolts (See Note 1)
13 MM 18 ft-lbs Front and Rear
Differnetal Cover Fill Plug 3/8" Square 24 ft-lbs Front and Rear
NV-5600 Drain Bolt 14 MM 30 ft-lbs NV-5600 Transmission Fluid
NV-5600 Fill Bolt 17 MM 22 ft-lbs NV-5600 Transmission Fluid
NV271/273 Drain and Fill Bolts
10 MM
30-40 ft-lbs
NV271/273 Fluid Change
Rear Leaf Spring Center Bolts   100 ft-lbs Lowering the rear end
Rear Leaf Spring U-Bolts   110 ft-lbs Lowering the rear end
Note 1: Dodge spec is 30 ft-lbs, which was published in error.

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