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... but I'm not giving up my day job yet.


Diary of a Snow Shoveler
Brick Layer's Accident Report
Bureaucracy on the Planet of the Apes
The Engineer
Home Economics Then and Now
One Line'rs
The Italian Who Went to New York (PG13)
The y0k Problem
The Help Desk
Bear Warning
Camping Tips
You might be a Coloradan if ...
You might be from Michigan if...
Our Web Page Contest
Why do Dutch People...
Corporate Bingo (PG13)
Church Bulletin Misprints
Rockwell-Automation (4 MB wmv)
The Knack (2.3 MB Video)


Can You Hear Me Now?
What Happened to ...
Victory is near
The Americans are lying



Maybe I should get a cat
The y2k Calendar
The Engineer's Boss
All those in disagreement with me...
The suggestion box
The Neat Shall Inherit ...
Cool Ponytail
Casual Friday For the Telecommuter
Check Your E-Mail
Bomb Technician
Cat Scan
Bad Attitude

The 2000 Florida Election

Florida Voting Instructions
Florida Ballot #1 (Follow the Arrow)
Florida Ballot #2 (Idiot Proof)
Florida Ballot #3 (Big Ballot for Seniors)
Florida Ballot #4 (GoreBallot)
Florida Ballot #5 (Moron's Ballot)
Florida Ballot #6 (Voting for Dummies)
Florida Ballot #7 (Click to Download)
Florida Ballot #8 (Bush?)